Tandem X20S

So I have had a few flights – and the verdict is in…!

It’s Amazing but complex, not in a bad way as I don’t think I will use it ever to its full potential but wow – it’s very very clever…I just love the amount of telemetry you get even with the base £35 RX its a league in front of the Spektrum sets.

I love the Vario function along with the Altimeter that’s built into the radio as a standard feature (GR8) you just learn what new sensors the rx has and you can assign them to a menu window where it display’s the numbers and can be also made to speak these at timed intervals as you wish

On the safety side, you can then set alerts to tell you if there is an issue – All of these can be simply made up as you need them, like how many Mah the main flight battery has used while under power, it is really smart how you can customize the TX display.

The TX is supplied in a super fabric carry case, has a nice comfy neck strap plus some colour matched switch covers. Plastic side grips to the tx help with the quality feel.

The tx has a massive 4000Mah 2cell lipo installed that seems to be more than useful for those extra long days flying – so no need to have a spare!

Gimbals are fully adjustable to suit all pilots needs even down to the angle of the gimbal. Fully ball raced.

This is the flight log file – 108m top altitude 🙂 – FLIGHT LOG

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