Monthly:July 2021

Next the PHOENIX 2400

untitled-38 untitled-25 untitled-16 untitled-10 untitled-5 untitled-3 EPO COMPOSITE RC GLIDER (94.5″) A great first flight with the Phoenix 2400 . It comes with an almost indestructible ABS plastic hull and strong EPO foam wings and tail section. With its smooth, stiff hull, the Phoenix is durable for a lifetime and yet light enough for the glider to work without any problems. An additional canopy with camera mount is included. Once you have your camera installed, you can either enjoy FPV […]

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Tandem X20S

So I have had a few flights – and the verdict is in…!

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Tandem X20S Dual Band Transmitter

After my trusty Spektrum DX7S (2011-12) started to play up I have decided to try something new – will show the un-boxing pics shortly 🙂

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